Cell Polls is one of the largest cell phone polling firms in the world. We have performed countless international polls and continue to lead the cell phone polling industry. Cell Polls is a direct subdivision of the Communications Cooperative. Cell Polls has been in operation since Dec 31st, 2015. Pierce Alexander Lilholt is at the helm of the Cell Polls organization and oversees the day-to-day management of the operations of Cell Polls. Cell Polls is based in the United States, and operates as an international organization providing global access to our cell technology polls. Cell Polls believes in the value of qualitative and quantitative research. Cell Polls believes in the power of research driven data to advance technologies and our understanding of how they have been used, are used, and will be used in the future. Join Cell Polls in collecting data by participating in our internationally accessible polls. Corporations seeking to leverage the power of Cell Polls should direct their inquiries to the Communications Cooperative.